27 December 2013



I know it's been a long while since I've blogged, I knew it'll be hard to keep up with this but I'm going to stick to it! I need an outlet, also want to use this as a venue to inspire others; somehow...

So 1 semester down, 7 more semesters left of pharmacy school to go! (sounds better than saying 3½ more years left). I am very proud of myself because I did well this semester but I KNOW can do better. I'm aiming for a 3.6+, I want to secure my position in Rho Chi (Academic Honor Society in Pharmacy).

I think I broke some ground and paved a footprint for myself, if I do say so myself. I joined two organizations: SNPhA & APSA, I was voted and won Homecoming Queen of my pharmacy class, which I'll represent my whole pharmacy academic career, and I was also able to do very well in my classes, not fail any or make a "C" (hallelujah!)

In addition, it's this current opportunity that I'm working on that I've made 1/3 progress on. I don't want to spoil/jinx it until it's official so if you are reading this, please pray for me!

Moving on, I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas! I did, just by enjoying the company of family. Though, Christmas was "laid back & relaxed" this year, I'm of course grateful every year I get to witness it. The Christmas sales have been sucky though, like nothing is making me want to use my giftcard, but I did buy a faux far vest. I can't wait to style it. I've been meaning to make a lookbook for the longest, since I always get compliments on my outfits, but I'll stop with the false promises. Maybe if I could get around to creating OOTDs for the entire week when school resumes, that'll be lovely. 

NYE is around the corner! What are everyone's plans? Mines is being in church, like a typical Nigerian, lol

xo Sally Ifeoma

07 September 2013

White Coat Ceremony

That's Dr. Sally to you! ; )

CLASS OF 2017!

14 August 2013

An AMAZING summer 2013

As I count down the 12 days left until the first day of pharmacy school, I often reflect on how amazing my summer has been. This past Monday, I came back from a cruise to Cozumel, Mexico with my family and I had a memorable time! Definitely a family vacation to remember for the books.

But as I reflect over this past summer, I was not only able to leave my city, but also able to leave my state and go to Georgia, and also leave the country to go to Mexico! How many students can say they lived the summer before professional school out to the fullest? Majority of my classmates were/are still working, especially since the summer program ended, so basically the summer passed them by. On top of that, my father just bought me a new car that I should be driving to about 2 weeks, just in time for school so I'm extremely & truly grateful. In addition, I found out that I made Dean's List this past Spring so all the celebrations were well worth it.

I just look forward to the future, and have to remind myself that I will be a Pharmacist by the age of 26 with TWO degrees! That's an accomplishment in itself, which I give God all the glory.

I finally got my Senegalese twists, the hairstyle I've always wanted to try and I'm loving it! I'm already thinking what next style to try, perhaps box braids. Although, when I first got my twists, my baby brother told me I looked 16, lol. I haven't had "braids" and such since I was about a junior in high school.

I know I need to make an outfit post. I've been shopping and thrifting like crazy! Hope everyone's enjoyed their summer thus far! School is approaching.

15 July 2013

Summer Academy

So today starts off the second week of the Summer Academy program at Pharmacy School.
2 exams later, I'm hanging in there, but I'm really enjoying everything. Yes, it's keeping me busy but I signed up for this!

I currently moved back into my apartment and I feel like I need to "jazz" up my room because it's so bland. I plan on going to the thrift store outlet, so I can see what I can find. On my list are 1) Small desk w/ chair. 2) Mirror for DIY Chalk project. 3) Cute photo frames.

Hopefully I leave with something. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.

EDIT: As usual, I stray away from the sole point of my adventure and actually ended up shopping, smh. I'll do a lookbook of some sort with my finds, because presenting them on a hanger does no justice. However, one particular find I'm excited about are these black pointed court shoes from Zara!

They retail for $89.90 but online, they are currently $49.99 but I got them for $7.57!!! *SCREAMS* Talk about a bargain + steal. They are fairly brand new, I was even shocked to see them on the rack, especially since it's from the SS13 collection.

But I still need to find a desk. *frowns.
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26 June 2013

The Summer Bob.

Simple eye makeup.  Lips: NK - Ruby Red
The hairstyle (earlier post here) I wanted to try out for the longest, but was scared that it wouldn't fit my chubby cheeks of a face. Or it simply wouldn't look right.

So I took a risk.

I bought BSS hair, watched YouTube and created a U-Part wig. This hairstyle was absolutely cheap to create. I probably spent a total of $30 for hair + supplies. I used Xtra perm yaki human hair 10" & Outre` Duby 8" both in a color 2. I braided, sewn, cut & styled my hair by myself (which is an achievement on its own) without any help. Even my mother was proud (& amazed) at my work. I told my father it's a wig, and he was like "It looks so natural, like ya hair" LOL.

I received many compliments so now I feel confident in rocking my bob this summer until school starts in the fall and then it's time for my Senegalese Twists. I think I'm 9 weeks post relaxer so my "journey" continues.

Speaking of summer, there are some essentials needed to enjoy this season, as hot as it is. Hope you all are enjoying it so far! Please check out the links on the side of the page. :)

21 June 2013

The Liebster Blog Award

My first tag! Precious from Fashion Kween nominated me for the Liebster Award (thank you again! xx)

The point of the Liebster Award is to recognize new and up and coming bloggers which is a wonderful idea. The meaning: Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome. It'll be great to discover new blogs that we probably would have not come across before. Basically, I have to tell 11 random facts about myself, answer the 11 questions asked by Precious, then write 11 new questions and tag 11 other people. The rule is whoever you tag must have under 200 followers.

11 Random Facts
  1. I have a twin sister, am older by 3 minutes.
  2. I love the color pink, specifically salmon or hot pink.
  3. I have an obsession with gold jewelry and things alike.
  4. I hate driving at night, everyone drives like blind bats.
  5. I don't eat beef; no religious reasons, I just hate it.
  6. I like watching scary movies, but I'll be screaming for dear life!
  7. I'm anxious and scary to start pharmacy school this fall.
  8. I wish I was more creative and artsy so I can do a lot of DIY projects.
  9. I want to learn how to use the sewing machine properly.
  10. I am a hoarder, I need to learn how to throw things away.
  11. I'm deathly afraid of anything that crawls and is considered an "insect".
The 11 Questions [asked by Precious]
  1. where are you from? Nigeria
  2. what inspired you to start blogging? I just thought it would be cool to own a blog and share things you like, etc. You never know when you'll inspire the next person.
  3. what is(are) your favorite summer trends at the moment? My favorite summer trends are neon and the ankle strap sandal heel, both trends I can see sticking around for a while.
  4. if you were stuck on an island who and what would you bring? why? I would bring my sister because she's brave and I'd bring my iPhone in hopes that I can still get data on the island, lol.
  5. what is one thing you cannot live without?  I don't think I could live without my iPhone, it's a Godsend.
  6. how would you describe yourself in one word? Inquisitive
  7. what's your favorite summer song at the moment? Burna Boy - Like To Party
  8. if you were to dress/style/makeup a celebrity for an award show who would you pick? I'd pick Gabrielle Union, she's just a beauty!
  9. who is your fashion inspiration?  YouTube guru "Lover For Fashion" love her style!
  10. what do you think about the Leibster Award Tag? I think this is really awesome and bless the heart of whoever started this!
  11. would you rather: summer or winter? SUMMER! Although I'm a winter baby.

My 11 Questions
  1. What beauty product you cannot live without?
  2. What is your nationality/ethnicity?
  3. What is your [inspiring] profession?
  4. Reason behind the name of your blog?
  5. How would you explain your fashion sense?
  6. What is your Zodiac sign?
  7. Why did you start blogging?
  8. What is your favorite quote?
  9. What do you believe is your best quality/feature?
  10. What social media site do you frequent? 
  11. What is your favorite  spring/summer trend?

I Tag..
  1. Exit Wounds 
  2. The Bobbed Brunette
  3. Style By Julz
  4. Just Porsh
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  6. Erica Fae
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  8. Ultimate Ohh La La
  9. Sincerely Miss J
  10. Mixed Beauty
  11. Girl From Town
 This was fun! Hope you all enjoy. 

19 June 2013

Queen of Frugality

As a fashion inclined student with cheap pockets, sales and clearance racks are my best friends. I love getting bargains and receiving the most out of my money spent. My friends always compliment me on my outfit & how I dress well, wanting to go shopping with me and how or where do I get my clothes from. I don't really think about a certain "store" when I shop, I just like to wear whatever looks appealing. Whether it be thrift, department or Target. Even when I'm monetarily established, I'll still be a frugal shopper!

I went shopping with my mother a couple of days ago and I'm so happy about my purchases! We visited the local Dillard's, because this particular location is a clearance center so they always have deals and sales. I ended up getting a blouse, two shorts and a pair of heels all for $40!! Yes, 40 dollars, while the retail value of the overall purchase retails nearly $230. I was AMAZED!

The item that I'm really happy about are these Dolce Vita DV Demi High Heels. These retail for $99 but I snagged these babies up for $17! Is that a deal or what?! I never owned any red heels, and I've been wanting some for a long time; this was Godsend, lol.

I picked up this blouse for $12 (orig. $59), and each sequined shorts for $5 (orig. $29). I might do a lookbook featuring these items.

Speaking of being frugal, I also love getting samples. Whether it's at department stores, grocery stores or online, I don't have a problem on stocking up on samples. Plus it'll give me a chance to try something I probably would have not tried before.

I'm really big on hair samples now, because I want to take better care of my hair. I'm trying to wean myself off relaxers so I want to know what product works best for my coarse hair. I've also received fragrance samples, a stylus for my iPhone, anti-wrinkle serum system (don't ask, lol), toiletries and even magazines! (Bazaar, Ebony, Fitness, etc).

I'm so happy I got my phone case in! It's such a beaut!

This past weekend I went to Atlanta with my besfriend and had the time of my life! I'll make another post about that, with pictures, but honestly, I truly enjoyed myself. My blog's 1 year anniversary was this past weekend, JUNE 15TH, awww yay! I'm really getting the hang of blogging, so hopefully I can keep up the pattern.

10 June 2013

Yellow Polka Dot Bikini.

I can't believe that June is flying by, it's the 10th already! My younger brother turns 17 today, eeek! 
In less than a month, I'll be starting my Summer Academy for Pharmacy School. Speaking of, I'm fundraising book tuition so if you're interested in donating, please visit here. I got an email stating that I will be receiving my college diploma via mail!

Also, today is National Iced Tea Day (in the States, from what I know) FREE 16 oz Cup of Iced Tea at Teavana

Dress: Forever 21 x Clutch: eBay x Shoes: Shoedazzle x Lips: NK Ruby Red
This past weekend I attended this club-like 21 & up lounge with my best friend. I feel either old or over the whole club scene, and I'm only 22! I didn't really enjoy myself, though I tried making the best of it. Even a fight broke out around midnight! That's how I immediately knew that I am over this environment. I prefer hanging with friends in a chill setting, but people always like to "go out", especially on Saturday nights.

edit: Photos from that night were posted online.

I've been loving this nail color by China Glaze "Yellow Polka Dot Bikini", it just screams summer to me, as well as vivid, bright and all words synonymous. In fluorescent light, it's a neon yellow highlighter color but in my room's cream lighting, it's seems more of a bright yellow.

In other news, I finally got my iPhone 5! I can mark that off my June wants list. My contract with AT&T finally ended and my father ended up switching all of us to T-Mobile. So my brothers for the Samsung Galaxy 4 while he, my mother, sister and I got the iPhone 5. I've been playing with my phone like crazy. Awesome camera, but I need to take my photos in daylight so it won't look so grainy. I cannot wait for my phone cases to come in, I've been treating my phone so delicately, plus it's ultra light! Like holding a remote or something. It should be coming in this week so I shall be patient. I also ordered some gold jewelry online and picked up the infamous white Zara skort that has been surfacing the blog-sphere. I can't wait to style it.

My June Wishlist

1. Black minimalist ankle strap sandal heel
2. Guess oversized gold watch
3. River Island small two toned watch
4. Colour small water droplets necklace from Choies
5. 2009 Honda Accord sedan in black
6. Juicy Couture perfume (fell in love with this scent all over again)

Hope you all enjoy your week!

07 June 2013

Movie: The Purge (Midnight Premiere)

Shirt: Forever 21 x Denim Jeggings: H&M x Sandals: Forever 21 x Watch: Casio x Necklace: Boutique x Lips: WNW - Smoking Hot Pink
My friends and I were excited about the movie "The Purge" so we decided to attend the midnight showing premiere. All I can say is man what a movie. This movie does provoke a couple of emotions from you but I'll let you know divulge in that yourselves if you decide to see the movie, so I won't spoil it. It is now after 5 AM so I was able to sleep a shortwhile, but I'm up again. *sighs.
I kept my outfit pretty simple, and seemingly dark, being that it was at night and I didn't really feel the need to "dress up". Smoking Hot Pink by Wet N Wild has been my go-to lip shade these past couple of nights, I love it. It's been in my collection for a while but every time I apply it, I just fall in love with its beauty all over again, especially lined with a brown lipliner. It's matte so you have to apply some type of chapstick before use. Also, I love these sandals from Forever 21, so comfortable.

I was asked to join International Directory Blogspot so check it out when you can (Link also in the sidebar).

Anywho, let me know if you are going to see The Purge that's in theaters right now!

05 June 2013

BET ComicView Showcase

I used to love watching ComicView on BET *cues soundtrack* every week night and I was sad when they discontinued the program. Now I know Kevin Hart tries to host some comedy show of the sort, but it will never be like when Bruce Bruce was the host.
Anyways, I receive emails from the Improv on when big comedians come into town and when I got word that the Houston Improv were hosting the ComicView auditions, I was immediately interested. I want to watch the acts, merely because I love to laugh, and I want to see if these amateurs bring their A game, since it will be quite embarrassing if no one laughs at their jokes.
Blouse: SheInside x Skinnes: Macy's x Watch: Casio x Heels: Zooshoo.com
At first I didn't know what to wear, but I do know the attire to comedy clubs and things alike are usually casual. So I opted for a cute blouse, black skinnys and my nude ankle straps.  Overall, I enjoyed myself and I laughed so hard last night, my cheeks are sore! I managed to snap some quick photos from the night.

03 June 2013

Top 9 Summer Lipstick Shades.

 The scorching sun decided to show its face, continuously...must mean it's summertime! Since my lipstick craze, I've been attracted to smooth or creme-like lipstick finishes. It is only when I'm feeling bold, or myself rather, when I grab for a matte shade.

I decided to do a Top 9, although I know that's an old number, but that's what I chose to do! The great thing about my picks are they are all affordable! They are either from the local drugstore or a BSS. Below are the lipstick swatches on my arm.

 I'm going to go in the order of the swatches of my arm for the swatches on my lips. I will include the specs of the lipstick.

1. Revlon Super Lustrous Creme Lipstick in Berry Haute 066. Dupe for MAC's Up The Amp. Retails ~$5 Walmart
2. Revlon Lipstick Creme Pink In The Afternoon 415. Looks great with a chestnut lip liner. $8 CVS
3. Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor Pink Me Up 045. Creamy sheen. Dupe for Bobbi Brown's Tulle. ~$7 Target
4. Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor in Mauve Mania 450. Dupe for MAC's Plumful. Pretty when paired with a plum lip liner ~$7 Target
5. Wet N Wild Mega Last Lip Color in Rosebud 904B. Pretty pink but matte so moisturize lips before wear. $2
6. Wet N Wild Mega Last Lip Color in Smokin' Hot Pink 405D. Bold & Rich velvet color. Pair with brown lipliner. My fav! $2
7. Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Rose Hip 14. Creme application. Very bold pink. Dupe for MAC's Candy Yum Yum. ~$6 Target
8. Nicka K (NK) Creme Lipstick in Apricot 106. Blood Orange color. Very moisturizing with Vitamin E. $1 at most BSS
9. Nicka K (NK) Creme Lipstick in Ruby Red 100. A rich semi-matte red color. Dupe for MAC's Ruby Woo $1 BSS

29 May 2013

Summer hairstyle: Asymmetrical bob.

The asymmetrical bob is the ideal hairstyle for the summer, a hairstyle that I've always wanted to try but I was scared that my chubby cheeks wouldn't fit the match. Now that I'm experimenting with hairstyles and taking a leap from my usual "long hair, don't care" wear, I've finally decided to create a U-Part wig hair bob; it's getting too hot in Texas and the heat is disrespectful. I've grabbed inspirations from Keri Hilson and Taraji P. Henson along with YouTube.

I need to learn how to do my own hair, especially since I am going to enter professional school, and won't have the time to travel back home for my mother to fix my hair. Plus, I'm thinking of going natural. I won't do the whole big chop shebang, but simply just grow my perm ends out so I can wean myself from it. I'm excited for my little "project" as I like to call it.

24 May 2013

Zooshoo.com: Shoe Review

It was only by chance that I discovered Zooshoo.com. I don't know where I surfaced it from, but I fell in love instantly because of the free shipping! Aside from that, they do have pretty reasonable prices for shoes, apparel, jewelry, and more. They carry Steve Madden, Sam Edelman, Bamboo, Delicious, Qupid, Anne Michelle + More. I decided that I'd leap into the ankle strap heel trend that's been in this Spring and purchase this heel as my first buy from this site.

Delicious STICK Ankle Strap Heels | Link here
 This pair of shoes were $26! That's a steal/deal to me. And the site gives you so many chances to save additional money, but you will have to find out yourself. I typically wear a US size 9-9.5, and a 10 in sandal heels, however they didn't carry half sizes and the way the shoe was designed, I gauged that a 9 would fit me. Luckily it did, because I didn't want to go through the process of returning the item back, although they make it fairly easy to. The item did not take long to receive. My order was processed and shipped the next day. I received it in 4 business days (they claim 3-5 business days) if you are in the United States. Overall, great customer service and I've recommended this site amongst my sister & friends.

 I'm just really happy that I've got another pair of heels to wear out this summer. I chose nude (Oatmeal Vegan-Patent) because it's a neutral color that can be worn with just about anything. They're comfortable, not that high of a heel (4.25 inches) I'm sure I will frequent this website and add it to my list of online shopping places. Use code woohoo10 for 10% off $100.