21 June 2013

The Liebster Blog Award

My first tag! Precious from Fashion Kween nominated me for the Liebster Award (thank you again! xx)

The point of the Liebster Award is to recognize new and up and coming bloggers which is a wonderful idea. The meaning: Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome. It'll be great to discover new blogs that we probably would have not come across before. Basically, I have to tell 11 random facts about myself, answer the 11 questions asked by Precious, then write 11 new questions and tag 11 other people. The rule is whoever you tag must have under 200 followers.

11 Random Facts
  1. I have a twin sister, am older by 3 minutes.
  2. I love the color pink, specifically salmon or hot pink.
  3. I have an obsession with gold jewelry and things alike.
  4. I hate driving at night, everyone drives like blind bats.
  5. I don't eat beef; no religious reasons, I just hate it.
  6. I like watching scary movies, but I'll be screaming for dear life!
  7. I'm anxious and scary to start pharmacy school this fall.
  8. I wish I was more creative and artsy so I can do a lot of DIY projects.
  9. I want to learn how to use the sewing machine properly.
  10. I am a hoarder, I need to learn how to throw things away.
  11. I'm deathly afraid of anything that crawls and is considered an "insect".
The 11 Questions [asked by Precious]
  1. where are you from? Nigeria
  2. what inspired you to start blogging? I just thought it would be cool to own a blog and share things you like, etc. You never know when you'll inspire the next person.
  3. what is(are) your favorite summer trends at the moment? My favorite summer trends are neon and the ankle strap sandal heel, both trends I can see sticking around for a while.
  4. if you were stuck on an island who and what would you bring? why? I would bring my sister because she's brave and I'd bring my iPhone in hopes that I can still get data on the island, lol.
  5. what is one thing you cannot live without?  I don't think I could live without my iPhone, it's a Godsend.
  6. how would you describe yourself in one word? Inquisitive
  7. what's your favorite summer song at the moment? Burna Boy - Like To Party
  8. if you were to dress/style/makeup a celebrity for an award show who would you pick? I'd pick Gabrielle Union, she's just a beauty!
  9. who is your fashion inspiration?  YouTube guru "Lover For Fashion" love her style!
  10. what do you think about the Leibster Award Tag? I think this is really awesome and bless the heart of whoever started this!
  11. would you rather: summer or winter? SUMMER! Although I'm a winter baby.

My 11 Questions
  1. What beauty product you cannot live without?
  2. What is your nationality/ethnicity?
  3. What is your [inspiring] profession?
  4. Reason behind the name of your blog?
  5. How would you explain your fashion sense?
  6. What is your Zodiac sign?
  7. Why did you start blogging?
  8. What is your favorite quote?
  9. What do you believe is your best quality/feature?
  10. What social media site do you frequent? 
  11. What is your favorite  spring/summer trend?

I Tag..
  1. Exit Wounds 
  2. The Bobbed Brunette
  3. Style By Julz
  4. Just Porsh
  5. A la mode wearhouse
  6. Erica Fae
  7. Honey Tan
  8. Ultimate Ohh La La
  9. Sincerely Miss J
  10. Mixed Beauty
  11. Girl From Town
 This was fun! Hope you all enjoy. 


  1. Enjoyed reading this! Woohoo! Go team Nigeria. And yes I can't live without my iPhone either but I've learned being that its dead And my battery is broken :( x

    1. I died when my phone blacked out and I was at the apple store the next day! Lol

  2. I love twins! I think you guys are super cool! Loll!
    Oh n I also want to learn how to use my sewing machine soooo bad!
    Thanks for the nomination love.


  3. Great post!!


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  5. Thanks for nominating me;)
    kisses x

  6. Hey, thank you for nominating me! Means alot. Check out my recent blog post, I had to give you a big shout out. lol.

  7. Wow! This is soo cool. I am about to follow you. Maybe you could head over to my blog and follow me too?

    1. Thanks for stopping by & I'll check your blog out!