14 August 2013

An AMAZING summer 2013

As I count down the 12 days left until the first day of pharmacy school, I often reflect on how amazing my summer has been. This past Monday, I came back from a cruise to Cozumel, Mexico with my family and I had a memorable time! Definitely a family vacation to remember for the books.

But as I reflect over this past summer, I was not only able to leave my city, but also able to leave my state and go to Georgia, and also leave the country to go to Mexico! How many students can say they lived the summer before professional school out to the fullest? Majority of my classmates were/are still working, especially since the summer program ended, so basically the summer passed them by. On top of that, my father just bought me a new car that I should be driving to about 2 weeks, just in time for school so I'm extremely & truly grateful. In addition, I found out that I made Dean's List this past Spring so all the celebrations were well worth it.

I just look forward to the future, and have to remind myself that I will be a Pharmacist by the age of 26 with TWO degrees! That's an accomplishment in itself, which I give God all the glory.

I finally got my Senegalese twists, the hairstyle I've always wanted to try and I'm loving it! I'm already thinking what next style to try, perhaps box braids. Although, when I first got my twists, my baby brother told me I looked 16, lol. I haven't had "braids" and such since I was about a junior in high school.

I know I need to make an outfit post. I've been shopping and thrifting like crazy! Hope everyone's enjoyed their summer thus far! School is approaching.


  1. Glad you've enjoyed your summer! Congratulations on ALL of your accomplishments! That is just fabulous! :)

    Maya| Petite & Unique