29 May 2013

Summer hairstyle: Asymmetrical bob.

The asymmetrical bob is the ideal hairstyle for the summer, a hairstyle that I've always wanted to try but I was scared that my chubby cheeks wouldn't fit the match. Now that I'm experimenting with hairstyles and taking a leap from my usual "long hair, don't care" wear, I've finally decided to create a U-Part wig hair bob; it's getting too hot in Texas and the heat is disrespectful. I've grabbed inspirations from Keri Hilson and Taraji P. Henson along with YouTube.

I need to learn how to do my own hair, especially since I am going to enter professional school, and won't have the time to travel back home for my mother to fix my hair. Plus, I'm thinking of going natural. I won't do the whole big chop shebang, but simply just grow my perm ends out so I can wean myself from it. I'm excited for my little "project" as I like to call it.

24 May 2013

Zooshoo.com: Shoe Review

It was only by chance that I discovered Zooshoo.com. I don't know where I surfaced it from, but I fell in love instantly because of the free shipping! Aside from that, they do have pretty reasonable prices for shoes, apparel, jewelry, and more. They carry Steve Madden, Sam Edelman, Bamboo, Delicious, Qupid, Anne Michelle + More. I decided that I'd leap into the ankle strap heel trend that's been in this Spring and purchase this heel as my first buy from this site.

Delicious STICK Ankle Strap Heels | Link here
 This pair of shoes were $26! That's a steal/deal to me. And the site gives you so many chances to save additional money, but you will have to find out yourself. I typically wear a US size 9-9.5, and a 10 in sandal heels, however they didn't carry half sizes and the way the shoe was designed, I gauged that a 9 would fit me. Luckily it did, because I didn't want to go through the process of returning the item back, although they make it fairly easy to. The item did not take long to receive. My order was processed and shipped the next day. I received it in 4 business days (they claim 3-5 business days) if you are in the United States. Overall, great customer service and I've recommended this site amongst my sister & friends.

 I'm just really happy that I've got another pair of heels to wear out this summer. I chose nude (Oatmeal Vegan-Patent) because it's a neutral color that can be worn with just about anything. They're comfortable, not that high of a heel (4.25 inches) I'm sure I will frequent this website and add it to my list of online shopping places. Use code woohoo10 for 10% off $100.


12 May 2013

College Graduate.

MAY 11, 2013 - A day I will never forget! A day that allowed me to close a chapter in my life and start a new one at the same time. A day that I fulfilled one of my many goals I've set for myself in life, and I pleasingly accomplished this one.


I was so excited for this day to come as I've been patiently waiting. This day was just full of joy! I almost cried before my name was called, but I remembered that I had makeup on and I didn't want to that run, especially when I was going to get my photo taken LOL. All my friends, family and boyfriend came to support me and I'm truly grateful. And the weather was PERFECT! Forecast said it was suppose to rain all day, but thanks to Jesus that it was sunny (and hot) all day. Also, Houston in unpredictable.  

After the ceremony, my family and I visited the opposite campus, TSU, because my cousin was graduating from pharmacy school (I'll be there in 4 years by the grace of God). I'm so proud of him! Even his mom came all the way from Nigeria to watch this moment.

We then went to a Mediterranean restaurant called Dimassi, which was good. It was the first time for everyone, except me, eating that type of food. When we all came home, we took the longest nap in life! Like 5 hours. We were all full! 

Overall, this day was a blessing, among all blessing and I'm just really grateful for everything. It is now Mother's Day so I'm going to get ready for church.

02 May 2013

Coming to an End.

Wow, it has been so long since I've updated. Last update was for my 22nd birthday, then after that, I went straight MIA Don't you hate hiatuses? 

This last semester of undergrad has been quite turbulent, from meetings, to banquets & receptions, exams, school interviews, etc, but I'm happy to say that I graduate next Saturday, May 11th CLASS OF 2013!!!! *Screams. I cannot wait til that day comes, seriously. I feel like it's just another milestone in life but I'm ready to take the leap. I took my graduation photos today, came out pretty nice. I was afraid Houston was going to rain again, but luckily it didn't while I was outside.

I have two more finals next week but I've been suffering from major senioritis! My semester grades are looking right tho: Endocrinology - A, Medical Terminology - A, Integration of Biologoical Knowledge - A, Anatomy II Lab - B, Cell Biology -B & Physical Chemistry - B+ (WHICH I'M SO FREAKIN' HAPPY ABOUT) I just feel like my life is temporarily set now. About to be a college graduate and I'm starting pharmacy school in the fall (WHOOOOOP!) and I'm just really appreciative of everything!
My favorite part... PICTURES!