29 July 2012

Igbo Fest 2012

Yesterday I attended a Nigerian event, "Ndi-Ichie Cultural Club Inc. Presents: Igbo Fest 2012" 

Dress & Necklace: eBay | Watch: Asos  | Accessories: Mommy's jewelry rack

The event was really nice! A lot of people showed face, I know the people who threw it together were really proud of their success. Basically, the event is about celebrating the Nigerian Igbo culture with folklore, masquerades, Igbo speaking, dance, music and things of that nature. In addition, there was free food! (which was good, might I add) so that was the added bonus. All in all it was great and I got several photos taken (which I LOVE). However, this event made me realize that I need to brush up on my Igbo before I forget it forever. I have an accent, especially when I say certain things that my friends say is specially prominent when I'm drunk, haha. I'm planning to go to Nigeria this December, by God's grace *twists fingers. 

Presenting of the Kola Nut.
This is the last week of my summer class, just two more exams and I'm freeeee...for a short while lol. Work at Methodist is going well thus far. My ID badge came out great! I had my first day training in the pharmacy department, and one of  the pharm tech I was working with is Nigerian! So the lady and I immediately clicked. She even invited to her son's grad party who just graduated from my university this spring, but I was unable to attend. Anywho, let me get back to watching Empire Girls. The rest of the photos from the event are down below. All of the photos of the event can be found here, there are over 500 photos! This guy is a really good photographer, I'm booking him to do my grad photos. 

Dance team competition.

xo Sally Ifeoma

23 July 2012

En route to Pharmacy school..the application.

This here is another part of a stepping stone that opens the door to my future. The process that takes a couple of months to compete because you cannot possibly do it in one formal setting. The application where you hope everything makes it to its destination on time so you don't miss your opportunity to interviews and such from schools of your choice. The system where you at least spend close to $1K. This application is just as important in maintaining a competitive GPA and PCAT score, this has to be crafted to perfection. 

I've been working on my pharmacy school application little by little all summer. I just asked one of my science professors for a letter of recommendation today, since he told me to reach out to him in the middle of July, when I tried to contact him in May. This will be my second one. I already got a math professor of mines to complete it. Next will be my literature professor, and a pharmacist. My goal is to have this done by September's time. I take my PCAT in September so keep me in your prayers as you read this entry. This is like..my only shot. I cannot bare to go through this process again. So help me God.

I start work/training at Methodist hospital this Wednesday, fresh at 9:30 AM. I already have my assigned mentor and I hope he's easy to get along with. I plan on trying to shadow him too so I'll have my shadowing questions too, might as well kill two birds with one stone
(I truly hate this saying, but it fits, lol)

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend, mines was spent attending my baby brother's basketball games. He won his basketball tournaent, took home the championship trophy. He was estatic! I was estatic too cus that means I don't have to drive him to practice/games anymore... I get my life back! Lol. Also I only have two more weeks of my summer class and then I can enjoy that break before fall begins. *sighs.

I've been on eBay a lot lately, putting things on my watchlist and stuff. I want to put money to the side and splurge a little before school starts. I cannot wait for that! *smiles. I swear it has everything I want, and I'm such a fan of Free Shipping!

xo Sally Ifeoma

19 July 2012

Not on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday but on Thursday...

This week has been a strenuous one for me. I had an anatomy exam on Monday that I studied my butt off since I had a heck of a weekend last week. Made an A so I'm satisfied with that, *smiles. I have two more weeks left of this summer class and when August 2nd hits, I'm taking myself shopping. It's very well needed! I'm so over summer school, but you do what you gotta do.

On Tuesday I finally got my car back from the mechanic. I got hit back in March, on my way to work and the person who hit me did not want to pay for the damage, can you believe that?! He was at fault and his insurance company was on some bull so I had to wait til I got to my parents house this summer to actually get it fixed. Now it looks better than ever! I'm so happy. It doesn't even look like the driver backside door was dented, I just need to get it washed.

Wednesday I studied all day for the lab practical I had today (Thursday) but in the evening I attended church for this annual event "Christmas in July" where basically it's like an event for worship, followed by a showcase for gospel artists and comedians. At the end, there's a drawing for prizes with the ticket you received upon entry. The lucky prizes are stuff like crock pots, TVs, coffee makers, etc, I got a cookbook for the second week, haha. Anywho, gospel artist J.J. Hairston (YouTube him) blessed us with his presence and church was just amazing. 3 women caught the Holy Ghost after his performance. It was so surreal. This is what I wore:

Dress: Forever 21 | Heels: Lucky Brand | Necklace: eBay | Watch: Asos

  Later on in the evening, I decided to put a red cardigan over the dress, incase it was chilly.

Today, after my lab practical (hopefully I did well, 100 questions, all fill in the blank!) I just relaxed like no other. Tomorrow I'll continue in studying for my PCAT, because grinding don't stop. But for tonight, I might look for a Naija movie to watch. I really want to online shop because I've been seeing sales but I'm just holding off until fall semester comes near. Also, I start work at Methodist hospital next Wednesday! I'm so excited but I got to be there at 9:30 AM. I'm going to be in the pharmacy department so I hope I take a liking to that atmosphere, I mean it's my future profession, lol.

Have a wonderful weekend readers!

xo Sally Ifeoma

15 July 2012

Sushi, Alcohol & Dissapointments.

You know how when you plan things and have this big idea in your head on how things are going to pan out, yet things don't go accordingly or not even close to the plan? Yeah, that's what happened this weekend. I mean I made the best of it, like I always do but it's just one of those things that it's just some people you cannot deal with.

Blouse: Buffalo Exchange x Shorts: Urban Outfitters x Nude Pumps: Go Jane x Clutch: Thrifted x Necklace: eBay shop

Thursday night started out fine. Went to RA sushi for the first time for my bestfriend's birthday dinner. Even though they delivered my food quickly, I did not like it. Probably, my last time going. It was just my sister, bestfriend and I in attendance, since my bestfriend's other "friends" couldn't "make it". This was just the beginning of their downfall.

I cannot remember what this was called verbatim, something like an Asian taco, accompanied with a mango margarita

Then Friday night, things didn't go well at ALL! First, in all due to Houston's horrible weather, severe weather warnings and partial flooding in some areas; the schedule that was set, was not followed accordingly. Another bestfriend of mine was suppose to fly down from ATL to help in our friend's birthday celebration. Eventually she was able to make it into town, although her flight was delayed. I was so happy to see her! (She's on the right, underneath)

So the plan on Friday was to settle into the hotel we booked, the DoubleTree, get dinner, have a few drinks then go to Drake Lounge for part 1 of my friend's celebration (She's on the left). The only thing we really managed to do is drink. We visited the lounge, but it was so dead so we decided to go someplace else. It 's also hard to get a cab in Houston! Obviously, it's nothing like New York but some cab drivers just fly by, even when the vehicle is vacant.

I don't even want to get into what happened the next night. Basically, we were suppose to have a "kickback" at the hotel and that failed miserably. Firstly, because of the noise complaint, secondly because of "some people", actually two in particular. Again, I made the best of it because my ex was in attendance and was my source of entertainment. My friend who flew in and I were really feeling like sore thumbs during some parts of the weekend but I'm just glad to say I'm home, and I'm so over it. Just one of those situations in life, that just happens.

Both of my dresses were from H&M, featured in that last haul I showed. In other news, my orientation at Methodist went well, just waiting for that important email. *smiles. Now I'm off to study my butt off for my anatomy exam tomorrow. School waits for no one. It's pouring again. I'm tired of this weather, so gloomy & depressing. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, I surely didn't.
xo Sally Ifeoma

10 July 2012

Quote to live by.

Hope is wishing something would happen.
Faith is believing something will happen. 
Courage is making something happen.

09 July 2012

Shopping trip + mini haul!

So today I went to the mall with my bestfriend so she can pick out a dress for her birthday bash this weekend. She turns 21 this Wednesday, but like every girl turning 21, wants to celebrate all weekend! So the plan is to go to RA Sushi on Thursday, the Drake lounge on Friday and a hotel party at the Double Tree this Saturday. I can't wait and I'm excited! She's the youngest out of all our friends.

So apparently Dillard's don't like clean mirrors, smh.

I didn't buy anything this time, except food at the food court, but I did receive a package this morning and I went to H&M last weekend so I decided to take pics. I also took pics randomly at Dillard's while my friend was looking for her dress, and this guy who's a manager at Macy's sparked a conversation with me, he was nice with his approach and I ended up giving him my number. Ahh, what could it hurt? He was nice looking too, but very much older. Like 10+ years my senior. I knew I wasn't going to leave without him talking to me cus he kept giving me a look but I'm a shy person.

So here's some stuff I got from my haul. Click "Read more" to see individuals.

Tomorrow I have orientation at Methodist Hospital at 9:30 am so I WILL be going to sleep on time tonight. Right after I finish watching this naija movie, and my other programs on VH1. Anywho, on with the pictures! Hope you all enjoy your week.

xo Sally Ifeoma