15 July 2013

Summer Academy

So today starts off the second week of the Summer Academy program at Pharmacy School.
2 exams later, I'm hanging in there, but I'm really enjoying everything. Yes, it's keeping me busy but I signed up for this!

I currently moved back into my apartment and I feel like I need to "jazz" up my room because it's so bland. I plan on going to the thrift store outlet, so I can see what I can find. On my list are 1) Small desk w/ chair. 2) Mirror for DIY Chalk project. 3) Cute photo frames.

Hopefully I leave with something. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.

EDIT: As usual, I stray away from the sole point of my adventure and actually ended up shopping, smh. I'll do a lookbook of some sort with my finds, because presenting them on a hanger does no justice. However, one particular find I'm excited about are these black pointed court shoes from Zara!

They retail for $89.90 but online, they are currently $49.99 but I got them for $7.57!!! *SCREAMS* Talk about a bargain + steal. They are fairly brand new, I was even shocked to see them on the rack, especially since it's from the SS13 collection.

But I still need to find a desk. *frowns.
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  1. Omg, that is an AWESOME find and they look so good!



  2. Great find. The look very elegant.