14 December 2012

Neglection...I admit it.

Well... it has certainly been a couple of months since I've updated my blog. I figured this would happen, eager to start something but at times, lose the passion to keep fueling it. I still like my blog and I am gonna stick it out, maybe it'll touch someone, or help someone out... in someway.

Moving on, the semester of Fall '12 is officially over! Term grades should be in by next week, I'm aiming for a 3.3-3.5 semester GPA; we'll see. In other news, yesterday I received an email for an interview invite to Texas Tech University Health Science Center School of Pharmacy (long name I know)!!!! *screams* I was so happy, and nervous and almost fainted. I was talking to my best friend on the phone when I opened the email and immediately screamed. I told her why, obviously, and she screamed right along with me. Then I was like "Girl I gotta call you back, gotta call my mommy" haha. So I Facetime'd my mom, and she was at work but I couldn't contain my excitement. Once I told her what was up, she was telling all her coworkers (parents sure do like to boast about their child). I know the interview invite is only one of the earlier steps in the pharmacy path, but just getting over the barrier by Admissions committee (as well as not have your application thrown out) just has me in a good spirit. It is only 1 out of 3 schools I applied, to so I'm waiting for the other invites.

Aside from all that jazz, and school, I've just really been enjoying my down time when I'm not so busy with school, organizations and things of that nature. I love to go out, and not spend money (and let folks spend money on me rather) and just enjoy my young adult life before I'm sucked back into school again. Plus, I graduate in the spring so I might as well indulge a bit while I'm still in undergrad.
UTSW Medical Minority Conference with my good friend, Sade.
Blazer: Forever 21 x Khaki Knee Length Skirt: Forever 21 (similar here) x Black Pumps: GoJane (similar here) x Necklace: eBay shop
Dinner date at Sorrento Ristorante.
Black sleeveless turtleneck: Gift x Printed jeans: JCPenney x Gold cap-toe black pumps: ShoeDazzle 
It finally started to get cold like this past Sunday, I was beginning to think we'd be wearing tank tops and shorts instead of cute holidays sweaters for Christmas. Speaking of sweaters, I've been purchasing sweaters a lot, and ever since they've opened a H&M here, my money has been on life support, LOL. I need a job! I'm contemplating on going back to Bath & Body Works, I kind of miss it... BLAH! I can't stop shopping, or online browsing for that matter, so I'm constantly looking for discounts and sale deals. I've recently discovered this app called Wrapp, which basically provides a discount in a giftcard format - which is FINE by me, help me save $5-10 please :-)

I'm going home for the holidays and I know my folks are going to ask me what I want (as if it makes a difference because they usually give my siblings and I Visa gift-cards) but I do hope they're extra generous with the good news I received at hand. However, I've recently made some online purchases so I can't wait for them to get here! I've made of collage of them below. 
 1) Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipstick, Fuchsia with Blue Pearl 521A. 2) Prada inspired sunglasses 3) Zara inspired shoes from Shoedazzle. 4) Gold plated waist belt. 5) Faux leather skirt. 6) Gold and black wallpaper print jeans from JCP. 7) Fuschia pumps from Shoedazzle (Got both shoes for $25, ya feel me?!) 8) Comfy sweater from H&M. 9) Blazer from online store on eBay.

So this was a long awaited update that was necessary. Sorry for all the iPhone photos, lol, who carries a digital camera anymore? It's like either you have a really expensive camera, or your cell phone camera HAHA (you know I'm right).

xo Sally Ifeoma

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