24 December 2012

Happy Holidays!

Top: Forever 21 x Leather skirt: Foreign Exchange (similar here or here) x Wedges: Shoedazzle x Braided necklace: Express x Rose Gold Watch: Michael Kors

I'm contemplating if I should do OOTD posts. Thing is, I don't walk around with a fancy Nikon Nikon DSLR or whatever, but I do have a digital camera, yet again I don't carry it in tow; just my handy dandy iPhone. Anywho, I'm back at home in my parents house for the holidays. Glad the semester is over! Finished with a 3.4 (darn Anatomy 2), can't wait for my last semester in the spring.

You know how you have younger brothers, and you can't watch them grow like you use to, then you come home and they look like men but still are teenagers? Yeah, that's exactly what I think of my baby brothers, it's astonishing. I now feel like the relatives who come over once in the blue moon for the holidays and are amazed how much you've grown, as if they expect you to remain a small size forever. Haha!

In the midst of being at home, I've done some Christmas shopping, with the giftcard daddy gave me, as expected. As well as my other giftcards from H&M via Wrapp from friends. At H&M I paid $6 for a $26, fanastic or what?! I picked up a fitted, short-sleeved dress in green and navy blue linen pants with a zip on the side. I also stopped by the nearby thrift shop and bought two tops for $5.89. One of the tops were $5.45, but evidently the cashier wasn't paying attention because she kept complimenting me and we had light conversation, or she simply could've done it out of courtesy, either way, I'm not complaining!

It's currently 3 am and I cannot sleep since I dozed off earlier after supper. I know I'm going to be paying for it later, but I'm glad that it's Christmas Eve! In fact, I'm glad that I made it to see this day, and it's nothing but the blood of Jesus that we all can share this delightful day, and the day that follows it. So many people died this year, it's unreal but surreal. As I finished typing this, my friend sent me a message on Facebook, stating this;  

"The Spirit of the Lord would say to you .. don't regret .. let it go says the Lord for I will make it work out in a way that you would least expect it to.. move forward. Don't look back." 

 Wow. That's crazy and it was totally random. I immediately got chills but then I cracked a smile and told him "Thank you!" Sometimes, all we need to just hear the Word. Anyhow, not that I need anymore clothes or things of that nature, but a gal can never have too much, can't she? I did some online shopping on eBay while I was awake yesterday night (I need to go to sleep and stop taking night naps) and bought some jewelry. I will probably show a haul of it when they get delivered.

However, this is my wishlist on what I'm currently eyeing, and hope to add to my closet in about 1-2 months. Especially dresses for my 22nd birthday and graduation. I feel like I'm obsessed with the color wine and skater skirts/dresses.

Happy Holidays to you all, I hope you get to spend this time with friends, family and loved ones and it'll be filled with happiness!
xo Sally

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  1. yup do more ootds! love the top and accessories! merry christmas dear :)