27 December 2012

After Christmas Sales.

Quick snaps on Christmas Day before diving in the delicious food, yum xx

As much as I look forward to Christmas, and all of it's entirety, I very much look forward to the after Christmas sales as well.

Firstly, I went thrifting with my younger brothers. As always, thrift trips are either a hit or miss, sometimes and unfortunately it was a miss for me, but not for my brother. He ended up finding a Givenchy blazer that was originally $8.49, but since it was half-price day, he got it for $4.25 and he didn't even realize it's worth until I told him. He just wanted to look like "Kanye West", lol. Intriguingly, when we returned home for a short break, I searched online for the retail cost of this nifty find and come to find out that it retails for $1170, can you imagine?!

 Excuse the messy bed in the photo, but I found some nice deals, beginning with Dillard's. In Dillard's I was able to find a nice blue dress with chain-links embroidery around the necklace and sleeves, it's such a beaut and cost $16 from the original $49! The bottom half has pleat that is distinguishably different from the top half, can't wait to wear it to an event. Next, my family and I went to another mall less than 10 miles away and visited JC Penney & Forever 21. Those are my favorite stores. In JCP I got a wine colored lace peplum style top, it was on sale for $9 so I couldn't pass it up! I also picked up a black pleated/peplum dress for $14, I may wear it on New Years. My mother and siblings also picked up some things then we were off to Forever. They were having their 'Additional 50% off Sale' so I was WILD! However, after trying some things out, I narrowed my selection to a couple of items. I purchased a blush colored dress for $7, and two pairs of skinny ankle trousers, black & khaki, which came with skinny colored belts, for $5 a piece. SCORE!

I didn't purchase it whilst shopping on this occasion, but actually the Sunday before Christmas I visited H&M and purchase this faux fur collar scarf and it's so soft. Unfortunately, it stops right on my boobs but it's still cute.  I also picked up some gold sparkly pumps from a nearby boutique.

As for New Years, I don't have any other plans besides going to church. That's how I always bring in the New Year because a lot of dangerous things happen on eventful nights like that so I don't fancy the idea of going Downtown in Houston. I hope to go to a New Years party, on the actual day, but someone has to throw one. Hopefully I'll find something. I wonder what you all are doing to bring in the New Year? I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas!

xo Sally

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