04 October 2012

A long time coming!

Greetings everyone!

I haven't blogged in over a month, it's been crazy busy in my life right now! I finally moved into my new apartment with my sister and it's been about a month now. Minor complaints, but I can stand them. It's not really the apartment itself that much, but the lack of management, but I'm sure there's problems like that everywhere. So I'm in the midst of my last fall semester at university and midterms are coming up soon. Besides that, I'm busy applying to pharmacy school, being an active leader in my organizations and just trying to enjoy my last months of undergrad. I won't get these years back once I graduate in May, not that I would miss it much anyway, haha. 

I feel like an old woman sometimes. Watching all the young people on campus, and passing up on parties and things of that nature. The only thing I'm holding on to is staying in shape, because I know that's easy to let go and I do NOT want to be a victim. Aside  from that, I truly feel like there's not enough hours in a day to complete what I desired to do in a day's time.

I've managed to go out the weekend before my country's, Nigeria, 52nd independence (October 1st). That was fun, although it felt short lived. Long live Nigeriaaa! *Nigerian accent.

Well I just wanted to update my blog a bit, and to let you all know that I'm still alive, lol. Take care!
xo Sally Ifeoma

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