01 January 2013

Dear 2013.

RECAP OF 2012.
I spent my New Years Eve at church, where I feel the most comfortable bringing the new year in. Unfortunately, it was raining and cold prior to the time I had to attend church so I didn't get to wear what I initially intended to wear for my New Year's outfit; I'll just wear it some other time. I opted for a sweater, jeggings and my knee high boots - just decided to be simple and warm. 

School starts less than 2 weeks. Ahh :-O. I've been enjoying this winter break; spending it with friends and family, as well as laying around while watching movies on Netflix. I'm going to miss this state of being carefree soon. *sighs. I hope you all brought in the New Year on a positive note! 

I have a lot to look forward this year 2013, there's a couple of things I want to accomplish.
  1. Turn 22 years old.
  2. Create a fitness routine.
  3. Graduate college with Honors.
  4. Receive admission to pharmacy school.
  5. Get a new car (hopefully an Acura TL).
  6. Travel new places (ie. London, ATL, Cali) during school breaks.
  7. Clean out & slim down my wardrobe.
  8. Maintain this blog.
  9. Learn how to do my own hair.
  10. Cook another country's dish.
  11. Get wisdom teeth removed.
  12. Detest procrastination
  13. Learn how to appreciate life more.
Edit 5/24: I was able to cross out 7/13 things off the list and it's only May.  Yay!
xo Sally


  1. First of all, I love your style throughout 2012! Love the resolutions, I need to adopt some of them like maintaining my blog and not procrastinating.

    xx Dara | www.lovedarbie.com