29 July 2012

Igbo Fest 2012

Yesterday I attended a Nigerian event, "Ndi-Ichie Cultural Club Inc. Presents: Igbo Fest 2012" 

Dress & Necklace: eBay | Watch: Asos  | Accessories: Mommy's jewelry rack

The event was really nice! A lot of people showed face, I know the people who threw it together were really proud of their success. Basically, the event is about celebrating the Nigerian Igbo culture with folklore, masquerades, Igbo speaking, dance, music and things of that nature. In addition, there was free food! (which was good, might I add) so that was the added bonus. All in all it was great and I got several photos taken (which I LOVE). However, this event made me realize that I need to brush up on my Igbo before I forget it forever. I have an accent, especially when I say certain things that my friends say is specially prominent when I'm drunk, haha. I'm planning to go to Nigeria this December, by God's grace *twists fingers. 

Presenting of the Kola Nut.
This is the last week of my summer class, just two more exams and I'm freeeee...for a short while lol. Work at Methodist is going well thus far. My ID badge came out great! I had my first day training in the pharmacy department, and one of  the pharm tech I was working with is Nigerian! So the lady and I immediately clicked. She even invited to her son's grad party who just graduated from my university this spring, but I was unable to attend. Anywho, let me get back to watching Empire Girls. The rest of the photos from the event are down below. All of the photos of the event can be found here, there are over 500 photos! This guy is a really good photographer, I'm booking him to do my grad photos. 

Dance team competition.

xo Sally Ifeoma


  1. Seems like a fun event & you look great..hope you had a blast!