06 August 2012

Houston International Fashion Week + Thift Haul

The first few days of August (1st-5th) consisted of Houston's Fashion Week. I only attended the fashion show on Saturday, due to my class finals and such. 

It was a wonderful production, featured a Caribbean Dinner Concert, African & Mexican-American Bridal as well Quinceneara shows. They also had a make up competition & best hairstyle competition. Basically the week consisted of a lot of segments, I wish I could have attended them all. The day I went on, Saturday, later in the evening there was a great mix of culture in the Grand Finale Fashion Showcase. From Mexico to Indian to Liberia to Nigeria to America, Europe and back. It was a sight to see and I even got the contact information of this designer (Tekay Design) who can design Nigerian/traditional wear for me. I'm excited, and I'm glad I went, despite being tired from shopping. Here are some photos from the event.

What I wore:

Dress: Forever 21 x Cardigan: Cotton On x Black Pumps: GoJane

Prior to attending the fashion show, I went thrifting/shopping and I just picked up a few things. Just thought I'd share. I went to my local Salvation Army, and on Saturday's it's 50% off all clothing so you know I used that to my advantage! I only picked 3 items and spent $11.50! I got the blazers for only $4.25 and the Caribbean inspired tied shirt for $2.25. I didn't want to spend more than $15 because I wanted to wait til near school opens but I'll be making a trip back pretty soon.

I got a dress from Forever 21, I'm starting to warm up to blue, especially royal blue because I use to hate it with a passion. This is just a nice simple but elegant dress that I can wear on my date to PF Chang's next week.

xo Sally Ifeoma

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