15 July 2012

Sushi, Alcohol & Dissapointments.

You know how when you plan things and have this big idea in your head on how things are going to pan out, yet things don't go accordingly or not even close to the plan? Yeah, that's what happened this weekend. I mean I made the best of it, like I always do but it's just one of those things that it's just some people you cannot deal with.

Blouse: Buffalo Exchange x Shorts: Urban Outfitters x Nude Pumps: Go Jane x Clutch: Thrifted x Necklace: eBay shop

Thursday night started out fine. Went to RA sushi for the first time for my bestfriend's birthday dinner. Even though they delivered my food quickly, I did not like it. Probably, my last time going. It was just my sister, bestfriend and I in attendance, since my bestfriend's other "friends" couldn't "make it". This was just the beginning of their downfall.

I cannot remember what this was called verbatim, something like an Asian taco, accompanied with a mango margarita

Then Friday night, things didn't go well at ALL! First, in all due to Houston's horrible weather, severe weather warnings and partial flooding in some areas; the schedule that was set, was not followed accordingly. Another bestfriend of mine was suppose to fly down from ATL to help in our friend's birthday celebration. Eventually she was able to make it into town, although her flight was delayed. I was so happy to see her! (She's on the right, underneath)

So the plan on Friday was to settle into the hotel we booked, the DoubleTree, get dinner, have a few drinks then go to Drake Lounge for part 1 of my friend's celebration (She's on the left). The only thing we really managed to do is drink. We visited the lounge, but it was so dead so we decided to go someplace else. It 's also hard to get a cab in Houston! Obviously, it's nothing like New York but some cab drivers just fly by, even when the vehicle is vacant.

I don't even want to get into what happened the next night. Basically, we were suppose to have a "kickback" at the hotel and that failed miserably. Firstly, because of the noise complaint, secondly because of "some people", actually two in particular. Again, I made the best of it because my ex was in attendance and was my source of entertainment. My friend who flew in and I were really feeling like sore thumbs during some parts of the weekend but I'm just glad to say I'm home, and I'm so over it. Just one of those situations in life, that just happens.

Both of my dresses were from H&M, featured in that last haul I showed. In other news, my orientation at Methodist went well, just waiting for that important email. *smiles. Now I'm off to study my butt off for my anatomy exam tomorrow. School waits for no one. It's pouring again. I'm tired of this weather, so gloomy & depressing. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, I surely didn't.
xo Sally Ifeoma


  1. Love the last outfit most! :)


  2. sry to hear your weekend didnt go as planned. isn't crazy how stuff happens to ruin plans, but when its spur of the moment everything goes fine. lol anyways, love those shoes girl!

    xoxo =)

    1. Lol, you are surely right..spontaneous plans turn out for the better at times. Thanks mama. You have a wonderful blog!

  3. Those nude pumps are being fabulous! I just love the shape of them. Great outfits even if your plans got so messed up! Following :) Hopefully you could check me out too (and maybe follow if you like it!)? I'd really appreciate it :)



    1. Thanks doll! I just checked out your blog, I like it :)