23 July 2012

En route to Pharmacy school..the application.

This here is another part of a stepping stone that opens the door to my future. The process that takes a couple of months to compete because you cannot possibly do it in one formal setting. The application where you hope everything makes it to its destination on time so you don't miss your opportunity to interviews and such from schools of your choice. The system where you at least spend close to $1K. This application is just as important in maintaining a competitive GPA and PCAT score, this has to be crafted to perfection. 

I've been working on my pharmacy school application little by little all summer. I just asked one of my science professors for a letter of recommendation today, since he told me to reach out to him in the middle of July, when I tried to contact him in May. This will be my second one. I already got a math professor of mines to complete it. Next will be my literature professor, and a pharmacist. My goal is to have this done by September's time. I take my PCAT in September so keep me in your prayers as you read this entry. This is like..my only shot. I cannot bare to go through this process again. So help me God.

I start work/training at Methodist hospital this Wednesday, fresh at 9:30 AM. I already have my assigned mentor and I hope he's easy to get along with. I plan on trying to shadow him too so I'll have my shadowing questions too, might as well kill two birds with one stone
(I truly hate this saying, but it fits, lol)

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend, mines was spent attending my baby brother's basketball games. He won his basketball tournaent, took home the championship trophy. He was estatic! I was estatic too cus that means I don't have to drive him to practice/games anymore... I get my life back! Lol. Also I only have two more weeks of my summer class and then I can enjoy that break before fall begins. *sighs.

I've been on eBay a lot lately, putting things on my watchlist and stuff. I want to put money to the side and splurge a little before school starts. I cannot wait for that! *smiles. I swear it has everything I want, and I'm such a fan of Free Shipping!

xo Sally Ifeoma

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