20 January 2013

Coppin' it, washin' it, 'bout to go and get some compliments.

I'm feeling my new hair, Cambodian Wavy (curled with Flexi-rods); again with the side part. 
 Officially had my first back to school of my last semester in my undergrad. WHOO! I'm trying to take it easy by only taking 14 hours, but I already know one class in particular may give me trouble; unfortunately I need it for my minor. I'm taking:

Cell Biology
Survey to Physical Chemistry 
Integration of Biological Knowledge
Medical Terminology
Human Anatomy II Lab
    I feel like January is blowing by quick! It's already the 20th! Yesterday was my eldest brother's birthday. Now we're currently the same age (21) but won't be for long since my birthday is in about two weeks (Feb 1st). It's kind of crazy explaining to people that we're 11 months apart, and not triplets, since I already have a twin sister. My mother always told me stories on how she used to try to explain our age separation but it became difficult, so she would just say that we're triplets especially since we were all in the same stroller, haha.

Speaking of February, that month has a lot in store for me. First off, my 22nd birthday! 22 is not a big deal, per se, as in 16, 21 or 30, but it's merely a stepping stone in life and clearly reminds you that God is not done with me yet -- which calls for a celebration! I'm keeping it simple, yet joyful; birthday dinner then party at Belvedere. The next day, I have a medical conference to attend, so I don't plan on being hungover, so hopefully my friends do not try to shower me with drinks, because I'm excessively receptive to free things (aren't we all?).

Then approximately a week after that, I have my pharmacy school interview at 7:30 am, which I'm anxious/scared/excited for all at the same time.  This issue now is if I'm driving or flying to the location, because it's approximately 9 hours from where I am at currently. My max on driving is 3 hours, and even at that, I almost dozed off couples of times so I know I can't drop 3x that. I'm trying to convince my father to come with, but that's a hassle so I'm pretty sure he's going to buy me a plane ticket at the last minute. We'll see.

Certainly, a day less than a week after that is Valentine's Day, and being that my honey and I became exclusive, and it'll be our month anniversary, I know we're gonna celebrate big that day, eek! What do you get a guy something who doesn't really like sweets? I usually bake something for the guy I'm dating around Valentines but this one doesn't fancy sweets or alcohol (how opposite of me), hmph. But that's next month, let me focus on finishing this month before I go in over my head & worry myself silly. I haven't been full out shopping, but I have picked up some sweet deals that I cannot allow myself to pass up.

I was in XXI yesterday with a friend because he wanted to pick up a gift for his sister, and wanted me to accompany him, for a feminine touch. We got her a cream colored blazer with gold accents, and two pairs of peep-toe heels, just gorgeous! Whilst I was there, I scored these black booties for $10!! The original price was $39.80, then on sale for $19.99, but they were having an additional 50% off sale so I got them. These were the only two in this style, and this one was my size (thanks God). 
 They remind me of the popular Chelsea booties, but I love the studded detailing on the back and the tassel zipper.

I had to come back to my parent's house this weekend to pick up my packages. EEK!! I'm so excited on finally getting them. I ordered these over the winter break, and being that this post is already long, I'll just show a collaborative picture.

OOTD: Faux fur vest: Gift x Long Sleeve: F21 x Jeggings: H&M x Booties: F21

When I returned home, I had to of course visit the thrift store since it was a Saturday and it's 50% off clothes. My glorious find besides a soft faux fur scarf was this elegant lamb wool cardigan with sequins, pearls, beads and stones on it. This picture does not do it justice, obviously, but it is so beautiful in person, not to mention soft. I snagged it for $4.25 while it would have easily cost me over $50 in retail. I also picked up a sweater that's from Banana Republic. My total was under $15, PERFECT

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