02 May 2013

Coming to an End.

Wow, it has been so long since I've updated. Last update was for my 22nd birthday, then after that, I went straight MIA Don't you hate hiatuses? 

This last semester of undergrad has been quite turbulent, from meetings, to banquets & receptions, exams, school interviews, etc, but I'm happy to say that I graduate next Saturday, May 11th CLASS OF 2013!!!! *Screams. I cannot wait til that day comes, seriously. I feel like it's just another milestone in life but I'm ready to take the leap. I took my graduation photos today, came out pretty nice. I was afraid Houston was going to rain again, but luckily it didn't while I was outside.

I have two more finals next week but I've been suffering from major senioritis! My semester grades are looking right tho: Endocrinology - A, Medical Terminology - A, Integration of Biologoical Knowledge - A, Anatomy II Lab - B, Cell Biology -B & Physical Chemistry - B+ (WHICH I'M SO FREAKIN' HAPPY ABOUT) I just feel like my life is temporarily set now. About to be a college graduate and I'm starting pharmacy school in the fall (WHOOOOOP!) and I'm just really appreciative of everything!
My favorite part... PICTURES!

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