01 September 2014

Second Year of Pharmacy School.

So I just finished my first week of P2 year! It still feels weird calling myself a P2 because I was so used to being called a P1. Nonetheless, I'm grateful! A few of my classmates and friends, didn't matriculate through the first year so they will be held back and complete the year over, and graduate a year later than before.

I have so much to look forward to this year, not only being 6 semesters away from being a pharmacist, but just more campus involvements, conference trips, exams, and much more! I'm intern status now, so I can do a lot more patient counseling and whatnot at health fairs. Literally, just got comfortable doing blood glucose checks to patients (whoop!), I figured I had to get over my phobia of blood.

What amazes me is how much students at my school look up to me. I love when people come up to me in school, or at work and they're like "Sally, you dress so well", "I love the positive attitude you carry, and how professional you are", "You are such a big help" Things like that, really keep you going in life. 

My past trip to San Marcos, Texas: 2014 TPA conference 

My life is hectic, juggling school, on the executive board of 3 pharmaceutical organizations, plus a needy job and boyfriend - I literally need my planner and iCal to think, sometimes! I remind myself to pray for strength daily.

I know I have a bad habit of not updating my blog, but I just bought myself a MacBook, so hopefully that with ignite some motivation to write. :) 

xo Sally Ifeoma

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