11 June 2014


Don't you hate it when you find a good product and when you run dry, you rush to the store to stock up again just to NOT see it on the shelf?! I swear that is the most depressing feeling in the world! I don't know if I'm over exaggerating, but for a person with sensitive skin, there's only a select few of products I can try.

First, I couldn't find the St. Ives Green Tea body wash that worked wonders on my chest and back acne. I found that on a whim and now cannot find that anymore. . Now, it's this Aveeno (Positively Radiant) facial wash that was my holy grail. Twice, I didn't see it on the shelves of Walmart or Walgreen's. I'm just hoping they were out of stock because I will be devastated if they were discontinued. Third times the charm...

When I first tried this product, it came with the cleanser and moisturizer, I think it was a promotional set but I tried it on a whim because my previous facial wash (Olay Fresh Effects) was not achieving its purpose anymore, and my skin started to counteract with it. I want to stick to a specific brand/product every time, and not switch around when the product finishes, unless I have an allergic reaction. I have combination skin whereas my T zone gets oily/shiny and dry skin around the outer part of my face. What are some facial products do you use? Suggest some that I should try!

Hope your week started off well! 
xo Sally Ifeoma

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