08 February 2014

InstaCollage + Update

To start off, I'm now 23! My birthday was approximately one week from today (February 1st). AQUARIUS! I basically spent the whole day with my honey, since he had special planning in mind for that day. I really enjoyed myself. I mean amazing! I wore this gorgeous blue color dress with a draping neckline, SEXY! 

I had exams this past week...yeah didn't do as well as I had hoped; talk about a whirlwind. It's getting REAL (hard) in pharmacy school but with prayer and faith, I'll see success at the end. Right now, I'm just focused on staying on top of my studies and being more active in my student organizations. 

So as of lately, we've been getting these cold and "snow" storms, which rarely happens in Houston. Yeah, it's confirming that the ozone layer theory is true, or the whole is coming to an end. Let's hope the latter isn't true, because I have some patients to counsel and help with medicinal treatment!

I've been itching to go thrifting, it's crazy! And I still have yet to do OOTD posts; don't kill me! I just need a good place and background to take it in. The lighting in my room of my apartment sucks so I'd really have to do it early in the morning with natural sunlight, and most times I'm rushing out the door, trying to make it to my 8am class while beating medical center traffic. One day..

1. Dinner with friends at Harvest Grille & Bar
2. Collage of my Birthday with le` beau
3. My birthday outfit
4. Studying in the library, like always
5. #Selfies featuring Red Velvet lipstick by WnW

Take care, readers! 
xo Sally

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