15 June 2012

First post!

I've been so inspired by other fashion blogs, I decided to create one! Hopefully I can stay dedicated to it, without it feeling like an obligation to update. Plus, I love taking pictures, so I was like what the heck? I wanted to turn my tumblr into a blog, but that doesn't seem feasible, so here I am Blogspot!

Secondly, I just wanted to make a simply introduction of myself, just so my future readers can know a little about me. I'm not a fashion student/intern like most blogs are, but I do get inspired. However, I am a college student so of course I have expensive tastes with cheap pockets *chuckles. 

I'm just a 21 year old college senior, applying to Pharmacy school, hoping I get into most, if not all, the schools in Texas. I'm the first of 5 & I have a twin sister (not identical). Most importantly, I made this blog not to pretend that I'm a fashionista or anything of the sort, although my friends swear I am; but to have an outlet that shows a young but mature lady living a real life, experiencing real things & having fun.

 I may post ramblings, or outfit posts, certain YouTube tutorials I found helpful or how I have views on a particular subject, etc. I cannot label this blog in one category, I rather be versatile and have my readers not knowing what to expect!

xo Sally Ifeoma

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